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short manual how to add jvm metrics

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# Short manual to expose Java metrics with Spring Boot for Prometheus
> Scope is Spring Boot 1.4. Since Spring Boot 2.0 [Micrometer]( is used Therefore, from version 2 small adjustements are needed
## Add actuators to the classpath with your POM.xml
<-- Actuator exposing prometheus friedly metrics -->
<-- For convinience activate a list of all actuators -->
## Activate actuators with environment variables
In your docker-compose.yml
# optional for being Spring Boot 2 compatible
# as the actuators are per default under /actuators there
## Check Results
- /actuators **lists all actuators**
- /actuators/prometheus **lists metrics ready for prometheus**
## Ressources
[prometheus-spring-boot-starter at Github]( and [prometheus-spring-boot-starter Blog](
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